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The Right Way to Disappoint A Customer

My December 2014 Circuits Assembly article actually started out as a rant about a furniture store with a bad inventory tracking system. However, it turned out to be one of the most popular articles I’ve written in terms of comments generated. The bottom line is that it is¬†never if you will disappoint a customer. Instead, it is how can you best resolve things when something goes wrong. This article looks at the right way and wrong way to handle things. And, yes, I did finally get the couch–it wasn’t the one I originally ordered but by the time it showed up in mid-December, it was one I was happy with and I felt that the salesperson was as invested as was in resolving the issue the right way because we had gone from a relationship of non-communication and disappointing surprises to one where she was calling me with¬†shipping updates almost weekly.

Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction Survey Response Rates

The more satisfied your customers, the more difficult it can be to get them to return a customer satisfaction survey. My column this month in Circuits Assembly discusses ways to improve that.

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