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Back in February I wrote an article for Circuits Assembly, titled “The Trump Effect, One Year Later,” where I highlighted some of the positive effects those policies have had. While the stock market has gone back to being more of roller coaster, I still feel we are looking at more positives than negatives. Tax policy really has improved for both individuals and small business. Jobs numbers look good. The economy has taken a slight dip because of the demand bubble created by last year’s hurricanes and floods, but most companies in the EMS sector are still reporting strong sales. Trade talk is still tough, but I suspect that will work itself out favorably. We’ve got ground to regain from past concessions.

The one car wreck I see still on the road is health insurance. My health insurance company conveniently informed me after open enrollment closed (and they raised premiums an astronomical amount) that they would cancel my policy at the end of the year. So, I’ll be shopping in the desert wasteland of HSA-compatible junk insurance policies at the end of the year unless Congress decides to actually do some work on healthcare before the mid-terms. While I carry individual insurance I know many smaller EMS companies struggle with this issue as well. Letting the market meltdown before initiating a fix is a slap in the face to small employers and responsible individuals who have been shaken down by insurers for decades throughout the U.S. Hopefully, that will change.

All that said (or vented), I still think the business community is in a better place right now. What do you think? Feel free to comment.

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